Learning to be at service self concept

Emmy’s Surroundings

Emmy’s family all lived close by. Emmy’s mom’s mother and aunt Fide lived across the street from her horizontally in the same neighborhood of Sutter Ave near Pinking shopping district in Brooklyn N.Y… Her aunt’s Fide husband’s father had a grocery store that Emmy loved going to.

The Black Out


“The world is ending! The world is ending!” Emmy could hear her neighbors screaming.

“What is going on,” Emmy thought. It was about 5 p.m. …

“President Kennedy our 35th President

Of United State Has Been Shot”


The news was on all the television and the radio, all they talked about was that President Kennedy had been shot. Emmy’s mom was divested. Emmy was also distraught she could not see her cartoons for a whole…

Esmeralda Gonzalez AKA Emerldgonzalez.com

I like to sail, read, think, and write. My topics Positive Education, Child Development, Conscious Parenting, and Positive Psychology Science of Happiness.

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